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Corporate policy. Quality, Environment and Safety.

In today’s market, with its increasingly unstable and complex economic and regulatory systems and demands for greater flexibility and efficiency, Gazebo S.p.A. believes that, to maintain the competitive edge, it is essential to adopt a strategy that combines economic targets of turnover, performance and containing costs, with sustainable objectives, such as protecting the health and safety of all its workers and respecting the environment.

Gazebo S.p.A believes that an integrated management system which meets the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 is the most appropriate tool for sustainable management from both an economic and social point of view.

Gazebo S.p.A.’s strategy is to apply an Integrated Management System for quality, the environment and safety and strive to continuously improve it. It has set itself the following strategic goals:

Satisfaction of customers and all interested parties; understand and meet the expectations of customers, employees and all the stakeholders involved in the Integrated Management System.
Regulatory compliance: act responsibly and in accordance with the law that is applicable to its products, the environment and health and safety in the workplace, as well as meet all voluntary obligations to ensure the implementation and success of the Integrated System.
Risk management: deal with all the key activities and issues regarding the Integrated Management System using a systematic approach to identify, assess and manage risks in order to prevent negative results and increase positive outcomes.
Assessment of the quality of the processes and products: Gazebo’s mission is to manufacture water purification products of an outstanding technological level and parts of an equally high standard; to achieve this, it is important to identify and focus on activities which create added value by adopting a process-driven approach.
This approach, together with risk-based thinking, will guide the Management in its management by objectives and prevention of non-compliances to ensure all its products and services are of the highest standard, compliant with requirements and durable and reliable over time.
Protecting workers and preventing illness and injury: commitment to eliminate the hazards and reduce the specific risks for the health and safety of workers by analysing and managing risks, training staff and raising awareness, improving the workplace and technologies used and providing all protective equipment.
Protecting the environment and preventing pollution: analyse and manage environmental issues and impact, promoting those with a positive impact and reducing those that are negative. This is achieved by implementing schemes to lower consumption of non-renewable resources and improve management of waste and hazardous substances to promote virtuous behaviour and avoid emergency situations.
Energy performance: Gazebo S.p.A. believes that correct energy management is the most efficient way of reducing costs and, at the same time, emissions, bringing economic and environmental benefits for the company and the world around it.
Gazebo S.p.A. is committed to continuously analysing the energy performance of its products to identify ways in which to improve them.
Managing change: analyse and manage risks to health and safety, the quality of products and processes, environmental impact and regulatory compliance arising from the design and development of new products and processes and changes in organisation, techniques, procedures, duties and equipment.
Management involvement: ensure Management and all department heads proactively encourage the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System.
Worker involvement, consultation and participation: ensure all staff are involved, consulted, engaged and jointly responsible for embracing the policy and corporate aims, fostering a culture of prevention aimed at maintaining and developing safe working conditions and improving the quality of the processes and products.

Expertise and training: ensure the staff involved in the key processes of the management system have the necessary expertise, knowledge and skills.
Efficient and safe workplaces, equipment and machinery: commitment to provide safe and healthy working conditions, to ensure the proper application and improvement of the technologies, machinery and equipment used and, where possible, to pursue the adoption of more advanced technologies in terms of quality, environment and safety.
Efficient and responsible suppliers: select and evaluate reliable suppliers in terms of quality, environment and safety.
Research and study of new projects: ongoing research and technological evolution to improve existing products and introduce new ones.
Monitoring and continuous improvement of quality, environmental, health and safety performance: guarantee a reliable monitoring system which is able to continuously assess performance, objectives, processes, the company’s business and all the provisions of the Integrated Management System; set and pursue objectives and measures to improve aspects of quality, the environment and safety with a mindset of continuous improvement.
Reviewing the Integrated Management System: the Management undertakes to periodically review the adequacy and the ability of the Policy and the Integrated Management System to achieve the targets set and guarantee continuous improvement.
To this end, the Management undertakes to:


  • make sure the Policy for the Integrated Management System is communicated and supported at every level of the company’s organisation, that it is made available to all the interested parties and is periodically reviewed to ensure it is always relevant and appropriate;
  • grant the authority and all the necessary resources to all company department heads and to the Head of the Integrated Management System to constantly control and monitor that the system is being implemented and that subsequent improvements are being applied;
  • provide the necessary resources to reach targets;
  • encourage the continuous improvement of the individual skills of each employee.

Improvements in quality, environmental and safety issues are not the responsibility of a select group of specialists, but involve every head of department, worker and co-worker in the company; this collaboration, together with the products and services the company offers, safe management of all the processes and respect for the environment, will ensure satisfaction for everyone involved, and therefore us as well. By drawing up and publishing this policy, the Management requests that everyone participates in its realisation and specifically invites all workers and co-workers to:

  • work together to implement and update the System and follow the regulations in it to the letter;
  • point out and promptly notify Management of any behaviour or situation deemed hazardous for the environment or people’s health and safety, so it and its colleagues can quickly analyse and resolve these issues.

In line with this declaration of intent, every year measurable objectives are defined to assess whether the objectives themselves have been reached and the degree of improvement achieved.

Date published: 16/09/2020

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