Gazebo S.p.A. designs, manufactures and installs latest generation prefabricated tanks, water purification plants and fire-fighting systems.

Providing dedicated assistance and solving problems. For over 50 years.
For the industrial, agricultural and residential building sectors, tourist facilities, infrastructures and public bodies.

FRC Gazebo System.

FRC (fiber-reinforced concrete), produced by Gazebo in collaboration with BASF, is made using synthetic fibers.
The curing process is accelerated by hardening catalysts but without using steam. Plus, it is water-repellent.
Greater resistance, enhanced durability, less pollution, more peace of mind.

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A history of growth
and continuous investment.

Gazebo’s corporate philosophy is the same as when the company was established: “Innovate with maximum quality“. The enthusiasm of its highly qualified engineers who are trained in-house means Gazebo can always live up to this philosophy.

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Gazebo for professionals.

Gazebo helps designers, plant engineers,
building contractors. It offers free design
services, technical support, promptly
drawn up projects, on-site visits and
inspections, technical assistance up to
installation and unbeatable lead times.

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A cutting-edge plant
to deliver innovation.

Gazebo is a strong believer in innovation.
That is why the qualified engineers in the
in-house laboratory work tirelessly to
research and develop new products.
In one of the most cutting-edge plants in Italy.

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