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Gazebo. Innovation and technology for Wastewater Treatment and Firefighting Systems.

Gazebo S.p.A. designs and produces Sewage and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems, First Flush Rainwater Treatment Plants, Lifting and Pumping Stations and Firefighting Systems, all offering exceptionally quick installation. With over 50 years in the business behind us.

All systems are based on latest-generation Reinforced Concrete Monolithic Prefabricated Tanks.

Over the past 20 years, Gazebo has invested in research and development to come up with first one, then another unique, innovative and high-performance systems for producing prefabricated tanks: the “SCC Gazebo System” and the “FRC Gazebo System”.

In 2011 Gazebo introduced its “SCC Gazebo System”, the exclusive prefabricated tank manufacturing system which guarantees greater durability, greater safety and no problems.

In 2014, in collaboration with the R&D department of BASF Master Builder Solutions, Gazebo launched its “FRC Gazebo System”. This innovative production process delivers prefabricated monolithic tanks with greater durability, enhanced resistance and less pollution.

Gazebo constructs:

Sewage Treatment Systems
for Homes and Businesses

Industrial Wastewater
Treatment Systems

Sprinkler or Hydrant
Fixed Firefighting Systems

First Flush Rainwater
Treatment Systems

Water Lifting and
Pumping Systems

Attenuation Tanks

Recycling Systems

Carwash Wastewater

Oil and Hydrocarbon
Separation Systems

Gazebo designs and builds in full compliance with standards and regulations.

Another reason for its long-standing collaboration with large water management groups such as ACEA, HERA, IREN, PADANIA ACQUE, TEA, MARCHE MULTISERVIZI, CORDAR, ACQUEDOTTO DEL FIORA, GAIA, PUBLIACQUA, UMBRA ACQUE, CIIP.

Gazebo owes its success to innovation.

Qualified Gazebo engineers work tirelessly in the in-house laboratory to research and develop new products.

Gazebo invests in innovative technologies.

To date it is the only company in Italy to use four rotating formworks to produce reinforced concrete tanks.

The Gazebo production facility is vast.

It covers a surface area of 50,000 m2, of which 5,000 m2 are covered.

Immediate availability, even for customised products.

Gazebo is able to deliver tanks in just seven days, even for large orders, thanks to its extraordinarily flexible production.


Installation of even the most complex Gazebo systems takes just 2 or 7 days, thanks to our amazingly flexible production and organisation, and the large amount of preassembly work completed in the factory.

Gazebo for professionals.

Gazebo helps designers, plant engineers and building contractors by providing free design services, technical support, promptly drawn up projects, on-site visits and inspections, technical assistance up to installation and unbeatable lead times.

Gazebo engineers give the clients the edge.

Gazebo’s highly qualified and experienced engineers guarantee the best solutions from a technical and functional point of view, as well as from an economic standpoint.

Gazebo S.p.A. is a member of UNI.
Gazebo S.p.A. became a member of UNI – the Italian Standards Organisation – in 2014, so it could be actively involved in drawing up the standards which govern the technical aspects of the sector and encourage interaction between stakeholders, in order to develop innovations that meet concrete needs.

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