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Absorbing Bed Phytodepuration System (evapotranspiration)

Description of System.

The treatment process consists of a wastewater pre-treatment stage (e.g. static degreaser, Imhoff tank) and a natural biological depurative stage (secondary treatment) carried out by a horizontal flow phytodepuration system.

The absorbing beds contain the following internal parts:

  • perforated pipes to distribute incoming wastewater,
  • layers of gravel of varying size,
  • layer of nonwoven fabric to avoid runoff of the ground above,
  • mixture of sand, peat, topsoil to form the medium,
  • plants and bushes (specific varieties),
  • perforated pipes to discharge the treated wastewater to the well.

This process exploits the natural direct evapotranspiration properties of the soil and the indirect properties of the vegetation planted on the surface.

Supplied as standard

Gazebo Absorbing Beds are fitted with:

  • sleeves to connect the inlet and outlet pipes,
  • internal microperforated drainage pipe system in PVC, including joints,
  • internal water level control box.


  • coverings and recirculation motor pump.


Residential communities, production facilities, tourist resorts, advanced effluent purification from existing purification plants, public bodies.

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